Hello! I'm Courtney King.

I’m a professional organizer, bibliophile, and mama of two growing boys.

I worked as a nurse in Cornwall, Ontario, for nearly a decade. I left the profession in 2019 to pursue my passion for decluttering and organizing, and took with me my love for helping others. Through experience, I have come to understand that an individual’s personal space can mirror their mental state, and disorganization can trigger negative emotions such as anxiety, frustration, and embarrassment. After working with us, we strive to transform any negative emotions you may have previously associated with your living space into feelings of calmness, satisfaction, and pride for your home. After all, everyone deserves a comfortable home that makes living easy and enjoyable!

Hello, I’m Kayla Desrochers! 

I have been a Professional Organizer at Organisée since May 2021. I previously worked as an Instructor Therapist in Toronto, Ontario, teaching children with developmental disabilities language and life skills. After moving back to my home town of Cornwall to be closer to family, I was lucky enough to land a position in a completely different field doing something that I love, decluttering and organizing.

Through many moves and living in small spaces, I’ve learnt that having a little less is often more. I understand that life can get hectic and for reasons beyond our control our homes can get put on the back burner. I’m passionate about simplifying spaces to create homes that are easy to maintain and comfortable to live in. Together we will work to get you back on track to a home that you love and enjoy, whatever that may look like for you!

Ready for peace & order in some of your cluttered spaces?

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