I am taking the following steps to reduce the risk of COVID-19:

  • Gloves and non-medical masks will be worn at all times
  • Frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizer
  • We will continue to promote sensible social distancing
  • Verbal confirmation that client and consultant are symptom-free before all in-person visits

Professional Organizer

Creating space for the things that matter most


I'm Courtney King.

My name is Courtney King, and I am the founder of Organisée, Professional Organizing and Decluttering Service. I’m a meticulous planner, and book-loving momma of two, with a love for making spaces more functional and beautiful. Before starting my business, I worked as a nurse for nearly a decade right here in Cornwall, Ontario. In 2019 I decided to combine my passions for helping others and organizing, and the rest is history! I am so excited to help improve other’s quality of life, as I find people’s personal spaces are often a reflection of their mental state at that time. By decluttering and organizing, I hope to bring peace and clarity to your life so that you can focus on what matters most to you.

This journey has taught me to appreciate that less is more, to break the cycle of constant consumerism, and to treasure moments over material things.


Who I work with

Organisée celebrates diversity and inclusivity, and anyone is a potential client. Specifically, since starting my business, I have begun to specialize in working with clients who struggle with stages of hoarding, and related mental health conditions, like ADHD, anxiety and depression. As a nurse, I have training in mental health disorders and have experience with clients with a wide variety of needs.

Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 12.35.57 PM
Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 12.35.57 PM


What You Can Expect

Consult & Plan

It all begins with a discovery call - I get to know you a little better, we discuss your goals and talk about what you hope to achieve for your space. We put a plan in place and get to work.

Assess & Categorize

Next, it’s time to assess, categorize, and sort through your belongings. I’ll guide you through as you make big strides toward clearing out the excess so you can finally make space for the things that matter most.

Design & Shop

I measure, plan and purchase the bins and accessories we need to help make your space more functional (all the while staying within your budget and being mindful of personal style and taste).

Organize & Label

Finally, I’ll put all the pieces together. The items you have thoughtfully decided to keep will be neatly arranged back into their new home and labelled if you wish.

Before & After!










How much?

Free virtual consultatIons

Show me your space virtually (via video call, sending pictures, etc.), and receive a free quote. 

Prefer an in-home consultation? No obligation in-home consultation $40 (up to 45 minutes)


One organizer: $ 65 / Hour

two organizers: $ 130 / Hour

(minimum purchase is three hours)

Package deals also available. Contact me for more details.

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Create space for the things that matter most

Whether you want to declutter or organize a particular space, room, or whole house – I can help! No matter the degree of clutter, I offer a non-judgmental approach to transforming your space into a calm, relaxing environment that you will be happy to call home.

Let's Book a Call

A quick call will help me get to know you a little better. We will discuss your goals and talk about what you hope to achieve for your space. 

Ready for peace & order in some of your cluttered spaces?

Grab one of my handy organizational checklists.